Greg is passionate about helping companies, groups and individuals better understand, relate to and work together with the people with disabilities that they interact with.

Services include:

  • Disability Consulting
  • Speaking
  • School & Small Business Services

Disability Consulting

Greg’s personal story and work experience have uniquely prepared him to consult with companies and organizations about how they can accommodate people with disabilities. He can also help them create environments where these people can succeed.

For Corporations

Whether you’re seeking someone to help you be prepared and develop policies around disabled employees or you need an experienced guide to help you journey through a crisis situation, Greg has the tools and experience to help your company.

  • Strategic Planning and Disability Policy
  • Disability in the Workplace
    and Employee Relations
  • Staff Workshops

For Small Businesses

With nearly 20 years’ worth of experience in an office environment, Greg has the background and tools to assist your company in developing policies, helping disabled employees thrive and in addressing concerns around disabilities. He’ll work alongside you to arrive at creative solutions that will provide for the unique needs of a disabled employee without breaking the bank.

  • Policy Development
  • Hiring and Accommodating Disabled Staff
  • Disability in the Workplace and Employee Relations

For Schools

Many districts and schools struggle with the best way to address the needs of disabled children. After excelling in a public school environment, Greg has the stories and advice to help guide you in order to maximize the potential of each and every student.

        • Teacher and Administrator Mentoring
        • Accessibility Challenges and Logistics
        • Practical Tips to Maximize Learning for Disabled Students


Greg is a dynamic speaker who offers a unique perspective on living with a disability. He isn’t a traditional motivational speaker, but will inspire by sharing his story of perseverance in an honest, transparent, and sometimes humorous way. Contact Greg to speak at your company, school, or church today.

For Businesses

Every business faces challenges and obstacles that often seem difficult to overcome. Greg’s life has been full of scenarios just like this — and his voice and vision brings new pathways and solutions to life.

  • Disability and Diversity Training
  • Change Management
  • Conferences

For Schools

Are your students prepared to handle diversity in the classroom or the challenges that lie ahead of them?  If not, Greg brings his story to students and teachers to offer them a chance to learn, laugh and see what someone with a disability can achieve when given a chance.

  • Anti-Bullying
  • Overcoming Obstacles
  • Question & Answer

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For Groups and Churches

Greg’s compelling story and real-life examples can be powerful examples for groups, churches and individuals that are seeking to maximize their potential.  Greg’s honesty, transparency and humor inspire audiences as they get past the barriers in their own lives.

  • Civic Groups
  • Retreats
  • Church Youth Groups


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