Valuing Vulnerability

Vulnerability and being real have been on my mind lately. More and more I seek to just “be” and to let that be enough for others. Maybe it’s age, maybe it’s that I lived so long trying to be normal (whatever that is) in spite of my disability.

Either way, this TED Talk, by BrenĂ© Brown, sums up so many of my recent thoughts. We’re all fallible and I’d love it if we all just started admitting it. My life’s not as neat and tidy as what you see from the outside — and I’m willing to bet yours isn’t either. As Brown says, vulnerability is the birthplace of all that is good and it’s in the mess that goodness arrives.

I encourage you to watch the video. I bet you’ll find many of her other main points relevant:

– Life is messy. Instead of cleaning it up or limiting discomfort, we should lean in to it.
– We need courage to be imperfect, the ability to be vulnerable.
– What makes me vulnerable is what makes me beautiful. It’s neither excruciating or comfortable, it is just necessary.
– When we numb vulnerability, we numb everything. There’s no option to numb only certain feelings.
– We try to perfect. We especially try to make our kids perfect. Instead, we should tell them they’re imperfect and wired for struggle, but that they are worthy of love and belonging.

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