Finding Greatness

I love the message and imagery of Nike’s latest campaign, Find Your Greatness. Overcoming odds, taking risks, finding out who you really are in the midst of the struggle.

That’s what this site and blog are about, as well.

Today I’m launching a project – but, more importantly, I’m pursuing a passion. I desire to use my story to help businesses, organizations and schools learn that understanding leads to overcoming. That wrestling through the challenges can lead to amazing outcomes. Advocating for those with disabilities in both the school and workplace, I want to create an environment where everyone (disabled or not) can reach their fullest potential.

Briefly, I was born without arms and I’ve faced many hurdles and struggles in my life. But, I’ve also overcome challenges that most thought impossible. (You can read more of my story here.)

And, that’s where I believe I can help companies, groups and individuals better understand, relate to and work together with people that have disabilities. Not only that, but to overcome their own barriers as they strive for greatness.

This blog will be dedicated to topics around disability, inspiration and the work that to goes into living to our fullest potential. It will include strategic insights around how businesses and schools can manage challenges and will, at the same time, provide pragmatic solutions. It will tell stories, offer advice and wrestle with the burdens of life — all in an honest and transparent way, because we don’t need another motivational speaker that is blind to real struggle. I think we need someone who has been there before and can show us the way.

I hope you’ll join me on the journey in the days, months and years ahead. I’ll give you my thoughts, but I want to hear your voices as well. What works for you? What seemingly insurmountable challenges is your company or organization facing? How do you plan to tackle them? And, as always, I’m here to help when you need me.

So, today it begins. We stand at the edge of a great opportunity to learn more about disability, to learn what’s inside of us and how to overcome those obstacles that have us stuck. Whether a business, school, organization or individual, we can employ the strategies and tools to get us where we want to be.

Here we go. Let’s dive in and find our greatness!

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4 Responses to "Finding Greatness"

  1. Dave R says:

    Really great stuff Greg! Excited to see how you inspire even more people with this new journey.

  2. Janis Lemert says:

    Greg- the gift God has given you in perspective is beautiful! May we all find the “greatness” that only HE can give. Way to share your vulnerable story and hope for others! Excited about this new adventure for you! Janis Lemert

  3. Andi says:

    Excited to see how many you touch with your message. You are amazing!

  4. Greg,

    Fabulous! As I have mentioned to you in the past, people with physical disabilities and deformities have often been the people who have caused me the most anxiety, fear, personal shame to be around. It’s very much because of your compassion, message and spirit that I have been able to look inward to better understand what it is in me, not the other people, that has caused this to be the case. Thanks for helping me to understand better, so I can overcome better.

    I can only begin to tell you how proud I am of you and this “risky business” you are stepping into. I believe you will find more greatness because of what you have already found. You are a good man and bring a solid message to the world. I can’t wait to see where it takes you! Good luck my friend!

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