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Go Tackle 2013!

Happy thoughts and a new year won’t make magical things happen in your life. I’ve never heard of anyone overcoming serious obstacles by thinking about unicorns and rainbows. My story tells me that only determination, perseverance and the ability to laugh when things go wrong will get you over the hurdles life brings. So, let’s decide to make this a Continue Reading...

It sure would be easier

That was the not-so-shocking revelation I had today. Yes, I informed myself that sometimes -- not all the time -- my life would be easier if I had arms....

Valuing Vulnerability

Vulnerability and being real have been on my mind and in my heart as of late. More and more I seek to just be and to let that be enough for others. Maybe it's age, maybe it's that I lived so long trying to be normal (whatever that is) in spite of my disability....

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