Helping businesses, organizations and schools overcome obstacles and seemingly impossible odds.  Inspiring audiences through story, strategy and practical solutions.

Greg Buell is a top disability consultant available to work with companies and organizations nationwide.  Combining a strategic mindset and practical, effective solutions, Greg helps businesses work through the challenging issues surrounding diversity and disability in the workplace.  Also an engaging speaker, he offers audiences insights on how to persevere through challenges by never giving up and pursuing goals with vigor.  Obstacles were meant to be overcome — and Greg can show you how!

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Greg’s Story

Born without arms and with a deformed left leg, Greg Buell’s parents were told that he’d never be able to walk, feed himself or live on his own.  Nothing could be further from the truth!

Throughout the years Greg excelled in school and now holds a Masters degree. Living independently in Seattle, Greg has shown all those around him how to overcome seemingly impossible odds and how to overwhelmingly exceed expectations.

Greg Buell entered this world with an uncertain future.  After delivering him, the doctor broke the heart-breaking news to Greg’s parents: “You have a healthy baby boy.  But, he was born without arms.”  Doctors would go on to discover that Greg had also been born with a severely deformed left leg.

Evaluating the disabilities in tandem, experts offered the Buells a grim prognosis — a projected future that would leave Greg unable to walk, to feed himself, and one in which he’d require 24-hour care for the remainder of his lifetime.  Certainly tasks such as going to public school and driving were well off the radar.

These birth defects would require several surgeries by the time he was five years old and more during his early teens. It was during these years as a young teen that Greg had several operations on his left leg requiring him to spend extensive time in a wheel chair and leaving him obese and clinically depressed.

Fighting through the hard times, Greg was a sharp student — exceeding teachers’ expectations throughout elementary school, graduating magna cum laude (“with special honors”) from Seattle Pacific University and most recently earning his Masters Degree.

That same dedication and commitment to excellence has helped Greg thrive in the corporate world.  For nearly 20 years Buell has worked with top non-profits to raise funds and his leadership, strategic guidance and ability to work through challenges has helped those organizations succeed.

Greg’s ambition, perseverance and tenacity have gotten him to places virtually no one thought he’d be 42 years ago.

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Greg’s mission is to help businesses, organizations and schools learn that understanding leads to overcoming.  As an advocate for those with disabilities in both school and the workplace, Greg’s heart is for people to reach their fullest potential.
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